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What would the world be without photography?

How would we remember events, or pass on memories of events to others? In days past we would have to rely on a painting to depict a person/landscape or historical event. We also would write about an event to capture the spirit and mood.

Today we are spoilt as we document our lives through photography. The smartphone takes millions upon millions of pictures everyday, by millions of people.  They are making a statement of their life through the smartphone.  The saying that a “picture is worth a thousand words” is so true today.

While I use a smartphone for occasional photography. I prefer a SLR – mirrorless for the ability to carry with you all day – carryability, but occasionally the smartphone will be the only device I have – therefore may sneak into the website.  I find, I do not like the smartphone for taking pictures, as it gives a limited view, with a limited exposure and a limited ….. What I am saying it is limited in it’s ability, and the sensor is so small.  Therefore I have one choice for carryability and flexibility – mirrorless SLR, of which there are now many.  My choice – Olympus OMD Series (Micro Four Thirds).  I am a convert from the Full Frame Canon 5D Series – I loved the camera but the lenses and camera weight was too much, so it was left at home to often – not so with the Olympus OMD E-M1 and Olympus OMD E5 Mk II.

So I would like to share my view of the world with you – to make me accountable to me craft.  I choose the name “Twisted Lane” to represents my journey as I weave through the laneways of life.

This is life as seen through “my lens”.

What type of photographer am I?

People ask me “What type of photographer am I?” or to that effect.

It’s like I need to be neatly packaged in a box that they can see “This is who I am.”

Life is not as simple as that.

I have many varied interests and many varied subjects as a result.

So I best explain my photography like this.

I am essentially a “people” photographer.  I like taking natural staged photos.  This is to take photos that people are aware of, yet make them look natural with my ability to make people feel relaxed.

Then how come nearly all my photos on this site involve no people.  This is my second category of photography.  I like to take intimate landscapes and cityscapes.  By intimate, I mean picking out a subject from the greater view.  Something that is my unique view.  This does not mean I have to use a long lens, just my feet to achieve the perspective I choose at the focal length I imagine.  With photography you just know after a while what lens will give the view your after.

My third category is “nature”.  Plants and Birds to be exact.  This is where I use a long lens, to get close at a long distance. I am expanding this to include small things, as I have recently purchased a macro lens.  This is my third macro lens.  The other two did not get much use.  May be this one won’t either, but I have a renewed interest in small things.  My subject of choice will be flowers and insects.

And to round it all out, I like to take “sports” sometimes.  I use a long lens for this as well.  It is not my favourite category but seeing I am a “people” photographer (essentially), this makes sense.  People are active, why not have them playing sport.

So “What type of photographer am I?” A “people” photographer, a “portrait” photographer, a “candid” photographer, a “street” photographer.  I think my general category is a “people impact” photographer.  By this I mean the impact of humanity on the landscape, other people and self.